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  • Portal that enables to understand reimbursement of Medical Devices in Europe and neighbouring countries

The Reimbursement of Medical Devices website is a portal to quality information on health care system and reimbursement pathways of medical devices. The portal is developed and supported by Eucomed, the European medical technology industry association.

Eucomed represents the medical technology industry in Europe. Our mission is to make modern, innovative and reliable medical technology available to more people.

Experience tells us that companies in the medical technology sector need up-to-date information about the reimbursement of medical devices for the different countries. We also know that European markets are diverse; there are as many reimbursement systems for medical devices as there are countries.

In order to make informed business decisions, such as launching a product in a new market, companies need to know the local policy environment, how a system is funded, how reimbursement decisions are made, and how long decisions take.

Gathering highly-specialised intelligence on the reimbursement of medical devices can be challenging and time-intensive.

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17 September 2015

Reimbursement Portal put on hold

Eucomed is reflecting on the future look of the reimbursement portal and is not updating the content for the moment. ... [Read More]
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